Bauck Hof Organic Pizza Mix 350g, Gluten Free, Vegan

AED 14.75/Unit

350g per pack



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    Organic gluten-free pizza dough behaves slightly differently when baking than standard flour dough. The dough is more moist and sticky than usual, the pizza base stays juicy and fluffy on the inside, it bakes nice and crispy on the outside Simply add oil and water, the dough does not need to rise. The package quantity is sufficient for two springform pans or a tray. The dough is prepared in five to ten minutes, the baking time is 20 minutes.

    100g contain on average: Energy kJ / kcal 1439 kJ / 339 kcal fat 1.2 g hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.3 g carbohydrates 75 g of which sugars 1.4 g Fibe3.1 g protein 4.9 g salt 2.1 g

    whole grain rice flour*, maize starch*, rice flour*, baking powder (raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, acidifier: monopotassium tartrate, maize starch*), thickener: guar gum*, quinoa sourdough powder* (quinoa flour*, rice flour*, starter cultures), sea salt, dried yeast, raw cane sugar*, thickener: xanthan gum

    Gluten Free,

    **Organic product / Halal product