Dorreen Organic Saffron Honey 150g

AED 34.50/Jar

150g per jar

Origin: IRAN


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    Hand-Picked: Every saffron flower is carefully hand-picked by expert farmers. Organic Honey and Pure Iranian Saffron: Our products are free from any preservatives, additives, artificial colours or fragrances. Intense & Fresh Aroma: The high compounds levels present in the threads grants an high coloring power, rich taste and intense aroma. Lab-tested & Certified: Our saffron has been lab-tested and widely respects all the sector's Health & Safety standards. All our products come out with a branded tamper-proof seal applied at the moment of packing in the production facilities a few minutes away from the saffron farms that will avoid any tentative of counterfeit.

    عسل أحادي الزهرة مملوء بمسحوق الزعفران النقي 1.5%

    **Organic product / Halal product