Eatiq Organic Agave Syrup 450ml

AED 28.90/Unit

450ml per unit

Origin: MEXICO

Brand: EATIQ

SKU: 8856886998847

    The eatiQ Agave Syrup hails from the Southwestern US through the northern part of South America. Agave is a species of the Asparagaceae family, native to several areas of the American continent, including Mexico and the Caribbean. The Agave nectar comes from the blue agave plant and Agave americana, also known as maguey or century plant.

    Serving size 1tbs - 21ml serving per container : 261 Calories 60 Total fat 0.0gm Saturated fat 0.0gm Trans fat 0.0gm Cholesterol 0.0gm Total carbohydrate 16gm Sugar 1.5gm Dietary fiber 71gm Proteins 0.0gm

    100% organic cactus syrup

    **Organic product / Halal product