Muso Sea Veggies Salad 15g

AED 16.25/Unit

15g per pack

Origin: JAPAN

Brand: MUSO

SKU: 4958325003199

    A variety of flavors, textures, colors and nutrition all in one for your culinary exploration

    Nutrition Information Per Serving: 1/3 bag (5g) / Per 100g Energy 37kJ / 746kJ 9kcal/181kcal Protein 0.5g / 12g Carbohydrate 0.5g / 11g of which sugars 0g / 0g Fat 0g / 1.0g of which saturates 0g / 0g Fiber 2.0g / 40g Salt 1.2g / 23g Sodium 0.46g / 9.26g

    Wakame (undaria pinnatifida), Kanten Agar String (Gelidium), Wakame Stem (Undaria pinnatifida), Suginori (Gigartina), Funori (Gloiopeltis)

    **Organic product / Halal product