Organic Larder Matured Cows Cheese 200g

AED 15.92 AED 19.90/Unit

200g per unit



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    Organic Larder is a well-known brand of natural fresh, packed, chopped vegetables, and other food products. They avoid using chemical aids such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. during the growing process of plants and vegetables to keep the hygiene level high. Their line of products includes Organic rice, pasta, snacks, drinks, cheese, condiments, baking, desserts, etc.

    Nutritional Facts Amount Per Serving 100g Energy 327kcal / 136 1kj Fat 23.7g Saturated Fat 18.45g Carbohydrate 3g of which Sugar 0g Protein 23.7g Salt 775.2mg

    organic cows milk – 96.91%, rennet – 0.005%, (Fromase microbiological) starter culture – 0.04% calcium chloride – 0.0045% (added for coagulation), salt – 3% contains milk & milk products. 23.7% milk & fat content

    Organic Larder

    **Organic product / Halal product