Mantova Ghee Butter Spray 200ml, Non GMO

AED 24.60/Unit

200ml per unit

Origin: ITALY


SKU: 8006830996065

    Ghee is high in healthy saturated fats which help to keep one full for long. Mantova Ghee Oil Spray offers a convenient way to use this traditional butter in your kitchen using our unique chemical-free spray bottle. Ghee has a high smoke point and can be used in food preparation at high temperatures without the risk of burning the oil and charring the food. Lactose-free and casein-free dairy product Non-GMO

    Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 226kcal / 945.5kJ Carbohydrates 0g Sugar 0g Protein 0g Fat 93.7g Sodium 0g Salt 0g

    Sunflower oil and concentrated butter (Milk)

    **Non organic product / Halal product