Sekem Organic Date Syrup 350g

AED 14.20 AED 17.75/Jar

250g per jar

Origin: EGYPT


SKU: 6222003006498

    Bring the sweet, mellow flavour of dates to your favourite food with our Biona Organic Date Syrup. A natural sweetener made from organically grown dates, you can add this syrup to enhance the flavour of everything from desserts to pancakes and home baking.

    Nutritional Value per 100g Energy 277 kcal Protein 1.81gm Fat 0.15gm Carbohydrates 74.97gm Calcium 61gm Iron 0.9mg Sodium 1mg Vitamin C 0gm Vitamin A 149IU Cholesterol 0mg

    Dates * (100%) bio-dynamic agriculture

    **Organic product / Halal product