Beutelsbacher Balsamic Apple Vinegar (330ml)

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Organic balsamic apple vinegar can be used for salads, chutneys and marinades.

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Description: Specially selected sun matured apples is the base for our mild and aromatic balsamic apple vinegar. We use a special manufacturing method to get the typical mediterranean taste. The vinegar is then matured to increase the full taste and beneficial acids. Try it for yourself!

Quality: organic

Procedure: Balsamico vinegar – preparation

Bottle size: 0,33 l friendly multi-trip bottle

No genetically modified organism, no chemical peservatives, colourings or sweeteners.


Apple Vinegar, Apple Juice Concentrate The BEUTELSBACHER balsam apple cider is a healthy food with the vital substances of apple cider. Apple-like also promotes the digestibility of the food and thus supports the body to maintain the natural balance. BEUTELSBACHER Balsam apple dessert is particularly suitable for slightly bitter salads such as radicchio and chicory or fruity salad mixtures. Tasting of sauces, poultry and fish dishes as well as aromatising desserts.