Easiyo Greek Style with Honey Yogurt (210g)

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Treat yourself with delicious home-made yogurt

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Just add water to the Easiyo Gourmet Range Greek Style & Honey Yogurt base to make 1kg of delicious creamy yogurt. To be used in conjunction with an Easiyo Yogurt maker.

This Easiyo Gourmet range yogurt is lusciously thick and creamy and the perfect way to treat yourself. Easiyo yogurt bases consist of the highest quality New Zealand milk powder and contain no artifical flavours, colouring, no stabilisers, emulsifiers or preservatives. All Easiyo yogurts contain billions of the live cultures lactic bulgaricus, s.thermophilus and lactic acidophilus (great for the intestine).

Once made up the yogurt will last up to 2 weeks in your fridge.


  • Freshly made yogurt means billions of live cultures in every spoonful
  • No artificial ingredients
  • This gourmet yogurt is lusciously thick and creamy