Logona Lavaerde Rhassoul Clay Powder (300g)

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The particularly gentle cleansing with natural clay minerals is completely free of irritants and extremely skin friendly. LOGONA Lavaerde Mineral Cleansers purify skin and hair without depleting the natural protective layer. Brown rhassoul is particularly recommended for sensitive or problematic skin, sensitive scalps, dandruff and oily hair. For dry and sensitive skin or fine hair, white kaolin is ideal. Hair that is washed with kaolin is left silky-soft and shiny, and requires washing less often in the long term. Lavaerde is not only kind to humans: it is 100% environmentally friendly, since it does not contain any surfactants or other substances that could pollute waste water.

Gentle cleansing for skin and hair

Rhassoul clay offers particularly gentle cleansing – after all, its cleaning properties are based on a purely physical active principle: when mixed with water, rhassoul clay binds dirt and oil particles, making them easy to rinse out. LOGONA Rhassoul Clay Powder is free from any additives and is particularly recommended for sensitive or problem skin, delicate scalps, dandruff and oily hair.